We are utilizing a multi-prong approach to raise awareness in the fight against Elder Financial Fraud. The best way to fight EFF is to make seniors aware of the scams being successfully perpetrated every day. The tools we use include:

  • Seminars: We provide FREE information to seniors at Senior Homes. Help protect seniors from scams. They need YOUR help to defend their money, their dignity, and even their very lives. Please see THIS LINK about the story of a senior where the scam affected her so deeply that she felt trapped and took her own life because of it.
  • Web site: THIS SITE provides valuable knowledge to make people aware of these scams. We detail the red flags to watch out for as well as the best practices to prevent becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Social Media: We utilize SOCIAL MEDIA to spread the word on EFF. We post updates on cases, best practices to follow, new scam trends to watch out for, and heartwarming stories about REAL HEROES who help save these seniors from losing their money, their dignity, and even their lives.
  • Phone consultations: Have you been defrauded? Are you receiving scam phone calls? We want to hear from you. Being scammed can be scary. But we are here for you to give you the strength and confidence to fight for justice, to work to get your money back, and to give you peace of mind in knowing you are not alone. Give us a CALL today and let us help you right now. In many cases, time is of the essence. While each case is different and we cannot make any guarantee, the best chances of recovery occur by reporting within the first 72 hours.